Fruit birthday

Celebrate your birthday with a healthy twist by throwing a fruit-themed party. Discover creative and fun ideas to incorporate fruits into your birthday celebration and make it a memorable event for everyone.

Smack your lips and taste away, this Two-tti Frutti Birthday Party, is coming your way! Styled by Cristina La of My Party Design, out of Portugal; this adorable celebration is packed with sweet details you have to see! Some of which, include: Adorable Mylar Fruit Balloons Pineapple-inspired Cake Fresh Fruit Platter Fruit Shaped Almond Cake Watermelon Slice Napkins Fruit Themed Dessert Labels And Pineapple Dessert Cups!

Minzelle Moss
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Aside from the holiday craziness, our daughter’s 2nd birthday is almost here! Those of you with kids understand how much work can go into planning their birthday parties. There’s so man…

Alexandra Wayer

Looking for a party idea that feels like summer, with a fresh and colorful feel that kids of all ages will love?A fruit theme is it! This vibe is so hot right now for pool parties, birthday parties, or anytime events you want to get the kids together to celebrate with healthy and fun treats.... View Article