Fried oysters

Learn how to make crispy and flavorful fried oysters at home. Explore top recipes and techniques to create a mouthwatering seafood dish that will leave you wanting more.
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With just a few simple ingredients, my step-by-step fried oyster recipe, plus proven tips and tricks, you too can be a superstar in the kitchen and make salty, silky, slightly sweet fried oysters encased in a classic, crispy, perfectly seasoned cornmeal crust.

Suzanne Lohr
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Virginia is known for its fresh Chesapeake Bay oysters, and this crispy Deep Fried Oysters recipe is the best way to prepare them! A simple cornmeal coating gives the shellfish a beautiful golden brown exterior and just the right amount of crunch. Serve them with a creamy dipping sauce, stuff them into a po' boy sandwich, or just garnish with lemon wedges. They're the ultimate Southern treat!

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