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Learn how to create a nurturing and caring environment in your foster home. Find tips and ideas to provide a loving and supportive space for children in need.
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A year ago, Oregon child welfare leaders signed a court settlement promising to stop housing vulnerable foster children in hotels, state offices and juvenile detention centers instead of with families. Since the settlement, the state has placed dramatically more children and teens in institutional settings including repurposed juvenile jails.

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‘Nobody loves me. Not even my mom.’ He sobs, his belongings in a trash bag for the next foster home.’: Social worker shares heartbreaking story of boy stuck in ‘broken’ foster care system – Love What Matters Foster Care, Foster Mother, Foster Care System, Foster Home, Adopting Older Children, Adopting A Child, Childhood Trauma, Fostering Children, Parenting Advice

"'Stephen ran away. You need to adopt him,' my boss emails. My stomach drops. Instead, I buckle him in my Toyota for the next placement. He sobs an aching sound. It was a home he thought he would stay in. He felt affection there. Months later, in another removal, he runs around the living room and ducks behind furniture, refusing to leave. But on this night, he had no fight in him."

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