Food diary

Start keeping a food diary to gain insights into your eating habits. Discover top tips and tricks to stay accountable and make healthier choices for a happier, more balanced lifestyle.
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Changing a lifestyle can be difficult. It is important to keep track of what you are doing and how you feel during these changes. If you are on a diet trying to lose or gain weight, or you are going to gain muscle this complex diary template is a solution. This template has only one page but here you can find all the necessary aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Keep track of your meals and snacks. Fill in the time of them, total calories and points.

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The struggle is real! Something happens to you once you hit 35, all of a sudden that shit you ate doesn't just disappear down the toilet eventually. It takes a detour and decides to hang out around your hips and thighs. And the worst thing is with every year you grow older, the harder it is

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Sometimes, it’s the simple stories that stay with us the longest. Like that of Itsuo Kobayashi, a former Japanese soba chef born in 1962 who has recorded his meals in painstakingly detailed, hand-drawn food diaries of sorts for the past 32 years. In addition to recollections about taste, Kobayashi’s pen has accounted for every last…

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