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Photo: Bohdan Poshyvailo for Vytoky Project (modern Ukrainian designers inspired by traditional culture and a selection of historical costumes. Vytoky collaborates with museums and collectors such as the Centre for the History of Costume and the Ivan Honchar Museum) Mode Russe, Ukrainian Clothing, Mode Costume, Folk Clothing, Folk Dresses, Folk Fashion, Russian Fashion, Traditional Fashion, Folk Costume

LEMKOS According to one version, Lemko ancestors were the ancient tribes of White Croats who lived on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. The number of Lemkos on territories of pre-war Poland was estimated between 100,000 and 150,000 people. The Lemkos survived many tragic moments in their long history: first, internment in the Talerhof camp,...

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GREEK | KARAGOUNIS woman in the traditional dress of the Karagounides, Thessaly, Greece Traditional Dress Illustration, Greek Dance, Greek Traditional Dress, Greek Costumes, Greek Dress, Greek Costume, Costumes Around The World, Dress Illustration, Folk Clothing

Hello all, Today I will talk about one of the most complicated costumes of Greece, that of the Karagounai. The Karagouni are an ethnic group which inhabit the lowlands of western Thessaly, just east of the Pindus mountains. They mostly inhabit villages in the area surrounding the cities of Trikala, Karditsa, Sofades and Palamas. Some villages in the area are still inhabited solely by Karagouni. Here is a map of Thessaly. They have retained their folk costume longer than many parts of Greece…

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FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume of the Vilnius Region, Lithuania Lithuanian Clothing, Polish Traditional Costume, Russian Clothing, Contemporary Costumes, National Clothes, Best Of Italy, Folk Clothing, Baltic States, European Culture

Hello all, Today i am going to talk about the costume and woven ornament of the Vilnius region. Not all sources even recognise such a region, which had me wondering where it came from. After a bit of research, i found out that this is a historical region, being an administrative province which predated the establishment of the independant state of Lithuania in the 20th cent. Here is a good article on the history of this region. Here is a map…

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FolkCostume: White, Black and Red Embroidery of Chernyhiw Province and East Polissia, Ukraine Ukrainian Folk Embroidery, Ukrainian Folk Costume, Ukraine Embroidery, Ukrainian Clothing, Ukrainian Dress, Ethno Style, Embroidery Shirt, Russian Culture, Ukrainian Embroidery

Hello all, Today I want to talk about a type of embroidery typical of North Central Ukraine, in Eastern Polissia, basically the northern parts of Chernyhiw and Kyjiw provinces. This is embroidery done in the color scheme black, red and white. White on white embroidery is very common in various parts of Ukraine, and red and black embroidery is even more widespread, but the combination of the three colors seems to be restricted to this area. The image above shows the shoulder inset and upper…

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Traditional German Clothing, Dirndl Outfit, German Costume, Dirndl Skirt, German Outfit, German Dress, Costumes Around The World, Dirndl Dress, National Dress

Every region in the world is easily identifiable by the kind of clothing that was traditionally worn there. From the 'kimonos' worn in Japan to the 'sarees' draped in India, from the 'kilts' of Scotland to the 'pueblas' of Mexico, these outfits were, and still are, synonymous with the culture of the country. Clothing that

Traditional Polish dress (detail) Polish Traditional Costume, Polish Embroidery, Polish Dress, Polish Traditions, Polish Clothing, Folk Clothing, Ethnic Outfits, Folk Dresses, Folk Fashion

Today there was a MIFA(Meguro International Friendship Association) festival near my place. People from all over the world gather & enjoy various cultural events. There were ethnic clothes try-ons, performance of a drumming circle, dances etc.. This is a traditional Polish ethnic dress with a very intricate & delicate embroidery.

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