Flower cottage

Transform your home into a charming oasis with these beautiful flower cottage ideas. Discover how to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with stunning floral arrangements and decor.
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The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, and I'm itching to get out in my flower beds and start digging! We live on a few acres with a small greenhouse and lots of places for pretty flowers and vegetable gardens. It takes a lot of work, but working outside on a summer night is like therapy to me. . Here are some ide

Sandra Grosso
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Step into the charm of this Cozy Cottage with Flowers and Green Roof. This rustic and cottagecore-inspired image features a quaint cottage adorned with beautiful flowers and a lush green roof. Transport yourself to a peaceful countryside retreat with this

Margaret Watson Pace
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As promised in my first post upon returning from England, I would post pictures of my Aunt's garden. And here are just a few of many I have on my computer. Her garden is serious eye candy and a gardener's dream not to mention a superb example of all the possibilities out there! Above: is an elegant flower arrangement in a vintage ISIS ceramics pitcher. (My aunt is the creator and artistic genius behind ISIS.) Here's the ISIS website. Yes, that is corn! And the House with another shot of the…

Will Withers
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The trees around here are literally bursting at the seams with blooms and I am falling head over heels in love with Spring. It just feels like everything is coming alive again and there is so much hope and anticipation in the air. Now I know this may seem obvious to some, I mean I think I just wrote some of the most glaring Spring cliches but, hear me out, this is my first traditional Spring since 2000. Not to dis Florida or anything, I loved living in Florida, but Spring in Florida was more…

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