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Transform your floors with these creative and unique floor painting ideas. Add a touch of style and personality to your space with these inspiring designs.
How to Stencil Paint an Old Concrete or Tiled Floor - House Nerd Diy, Upcycling, Design, Door Makeover Diy, Door Makeover, Basement Decor, Floor Makeover, Diy Wall, Diy Bathroom

Sometimes I think of a renovating or DIY project and then I become weirdly obsessed with the idea until I get to carry it out. And something I’ve always wanted to try is stencil painting an old concrete or tile floor. I always thought that stenciling looked like fun. (My idea of fun might be wildly different to yours, I know). Here’s what this room looked like before I got

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hand painted deck by alisa burke Outdoor Living, Home, Tiny Homes, Home Décor, Outdoor Spaces, Outdoor, Outdoor Decor, Deck Design, Home Decor

Ok friends! I've been hard at work on a big painting project again! Our deck was in need of some serious attention. It wraps around half of our house and while the sides and front are in great shape, the back was really worn. We probably have about one, maybe two more winters (if we are lucky) before we have to do some major work repairing and rebuilding the back portion. We decided that this spring we would get it cleaned up and repainted. In typical Alisa Burke fashion, I suggested…

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