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Keep your home warm and cozy with modern and efficient floor heater options. Explore the top ideas to find the perfect floor heater for your space and enjoy ultimate comfort throughout the year.
Radiant Floor Heating in a converted Bus (PEX Tubing and Propane Tankless Heater). Vans, Camping, Design, Floor Heater, Heated Floors, Build A Camper Van, Diy Camper Trailer, Build A Camper, Diy Rv

I HATE being cold. I hate the thought of being cold. I hate getting out of bed on a cold winter morning to step on a cold floor. Even carpet can't really take the cold out of a cold floor. The most it can do is attempt to mask the cold and it doesn't do a good job of that. So I decided to install in floor heating in the bus in an attempt to address that concern. I contacted the kind people at Pex Heating They were very helpful in getting this part of the bus build accomplished. They even…

Tod Hess
Rocket Stove mass heater used for heated floor to go under Yurt Shipping Container Homes, Floor Heater, Homesteading, Cob House, Building A House, Heater, Stove, Garden, Rocket Stoves

Started in April 2010, we wanted to heat the floor of our yurt with this innovative stove. We used the book <u> Mass Rocket Heaters </u> by Ianto Evans and Leslie Jackson as our starting point. They recommend that first timers DO NOT attempt to build a floor heater, but that's what we did. We are happy to report that it is working swimmingly. A fire for 4-6 hours keeps the temperature of the yurt above 70 degrees for more than 12 hours, with 40 degree temps outside. With temperatures in the…

Gordon Reed
How To Paint Metal Baseboard Heater Covers: Tutorial | Apartment Therapy

Let’s face it, baseboard radiators are ugly. They’re boxy, often institutional beige, and they tend to accumulate scuffs and splotches of rust. But baseboard radiators do serve an important purpose, and those of us who rely on them to heat our homes are more or less stuck with them. Fortunately, there are ways to work around these wall-space-hogging eyesores, and painting your baseboard heater covers to match your home’s walls or trim is a great place to start.