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Explore breathtaking fine art landscape photography that will transport you to stunning natural settings. Discover top ideas to decorate your space with these awe-inspiring photographs.
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I have been getting quite experimental with my photography this year and recently stumbled upon ICM, or Intentional Camera Movement photography. I fell into the work of photographer Andy Gray and was immediately blown away by the painterly feel of his images.

Aldo Croci Torti
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I'm a fine art and industrial photographer, living between Italy and Portugal. At the age of 16 I had the great good fortune, especially living in Italy, a country not widely known for big waves, of discovering the joy of surfing. From that moment forward was born a strong link with the sea that still today profoundly influences my life choices, both professionally and personally. The choice of placing the sea centre stage in my life positively affects my personal work which, in truth, is…

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Fine Art Landscape Photography by Jan Erik Waider | Northlandscapes. #photography #photooftheday #nature #love #picoftheday #beautiful #art #photographer #naturephotography #photo #landscape #adventure #sunset

Fine Art Landscape Photography
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Best described as paintings from a camera, John Duckworth’s Landscape Abstracts evoke the sea, forest, marsh, and sky in rich bands of saturated color. This body of work captures the essence and natural beauty of the region, where vibrant colors flow through the landscape as subtly as the southern seasons flow into each other. The humid summers bring brilliant green marshlands and graceful, fast-moving thunderstorms of purple and gray, while colder months deliver warmer, gentler tones and…

Sheila Luis Tiangco
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Looking at the landscape photography of Laura Plageman, it can take a minute to get your bearings on what's going on. Her technique of manipulating prints then rephotographing them not only plays tricks on your eyes, but might leave you questioning the nature of photography altogether.

Kristen Gunn