Fertility meditation

Discover the power of fertility meditation and learn how soothing practices can enhance your fertility journey. Explore effective techniques to relax and align your mind and body for optimal fertility.
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Trying to fall pregnant is hard! I’ve created this free guided meditation for fertility warriors, because I know that although I always talk about doing affirmations and how helpful that has been to my journey, in reality, there are probably some people out there who need another voice to tell them that everything is going […]

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Hey mama-bear! I’m not gonna be a broken record right now and tell you how “meditation is so good for fertility.” Thanks tips 👍🏾 Am I right? You’ve heard it 1479 times before. Maybe you’ve heard it so much that you feel like if you’re not doing it, you’re a bad person. At least that’s how I us

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Would you pay good money to watch a new, hot movie like, “1917” in the theatre – but watch it from the end to beginning? ( 1917 is sooo good btw. Highly recommend. ) That’d be a waste of your hard-earned cash and a super boring/confusing date night. Yet, when it comes to your fertility – yearning

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