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Discover the empowering female characters in the world of Harry Potter. From Hermione Granger to Luna Lovegood, explore the strength and bravery of these remarkable women.
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This AI version of Draco gives me full-body chills.

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Make no mistake; it's the season of Barbie. And while the classic doll from Mattel has seen many, and we mean many, iterations over the years, as far as we know, there's never been a Barbie for each U.S. state — until now. Someone asked AI to reimagine the United States of America as Barbies, and the results leave us wishing these dolls were actually available on store shelves. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.

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The Harry Potter saga of books is a modern classic, with one of its strongest aspects being the magical world that serves as the locale where the magic—literally—happens. The elaborate worldbuilding of the books, carefully crafted by J. K. Rowling, provides the foundation for a world that is rich in all sorts of characters.While the portrayals from actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson as Harry Potter and Hermione have become the default way we look at these characters, the original…

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