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http://www.dezeen.com/2009/07/30/ewe-stools-by-yu-hun-kim/ Furniture Design, Decoration, Design, Cube Furniture, Stool, Multipurpose Furniture, Plywood Projects, Pouf Chair, Industrial Wool Felt

New Designers 09: Kingston University graduate Yu-Hun Kim presented a range of laminated-felt stools at New Designers in London earlier this month. Layers of industrial, wool felt are laminated either side of the plywood core. See all our stories from New Designers in our special category. Here's a bit of text from Yu-Hun Kim: --

Zaure Aldabergenova
Playtime by Ludovic Renson - Dezeen Wool Felt, Furniture Design, Design, Wool Felt Fabric, Felt Fabric, Furniture Making, Cute Furniture, Hanging Seats, Childrens Furniture

French designer Ludovic Renson has designed a collection of children's furniture made of wood and felt. Called Playtime, the series includes a desk, chair, table, cupboards and cylindrical storage containers. The text below is from Renson: This collection addresses the needs of children, of simple aspect in the drawing. Natural mixed wood and textile were