Felt fabric

Explore creative and practical ways to use felt fabric in your DIY projects. Get inspired with top ideas to add texture and color to your crafts and home decor.
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INSIDE: The best tips for sewing felt for beginners, from what needle for sewing felt, what thread, to how to cut felt and how to wash felt. For a while, you've been planning to start a new sewing project using felt. You've been gathering materials, colorful felt sheets and matching thread. You've gathered enough inspiration,

Wendy Desplanque
A DIY recipe for fabric stiffener that works great to create dimensional felt for crafts Stiffen Felt, Felt Crafts Flowers, Felt Food Diy, Felt Craft Projects, Wall Art Tutorial, Fabric Stiffener, Household Help, Fabric Fish, Wool Felt Projects

Stiffening felt is a simple and satisfying DIY project with dramatic results! In this article, I demonstrate how to stiffen felt using supplies you probably already have in your kitchen! You can stiffen felt just a little (to add just a little more body) or a lot (to make it stiff enough to take on