Faux painting walls

Transform your walls with creative faux painting techniques. Find top ideas to add depth and texture to your space with faux painted walls.
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Wall Texture Design - Home Decor Styles with Textured Walls & Faux Finish Painting

The age-old art of applying faux finishes is the process of creating an imitation of a material with nothing more than paint and applicators

Tannise Watts
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Parchment wall glazing and faux finishing paint effects

Parchment glaze - 7 steps to success. Creating the impression of aged walls, the Parchment finish evokes a feeling of history and old world charm. The color density varies over the finished surface and creates appearances of lightly mottled parchment. A soft and airy finish, the Parchment glaze is an ideal way to create mood and character in any room.

Maria De Munck