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Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite fandom with these captivating fan comic ideas. Explore unique storylines and stunning illustrations that bring your favorite characters to life.
Funny Comics That Reveal Everyday Life With A Touch Of Humor By Adam Ellis Comics, Humour, Meme, Animais, Amusing, Humor, Comic, Dieren, Cute

His comics are everywhere and hardly a day goes by without his art popping up on our feeds. And if you haven’t seen one of his cartoons on social media, then you’ll have to pardon us cuz we just have to ask if you’ve actually got an internet connection or if you’re living under a rock like Patrick Star. We’re talking, of course, about beloved cartoonist Adam Ellis.

Have Fun With The Crazy And Funny Comics From Colmscomics Pokémon, Comics, Pokemon Memes, Pokemon Funny, Pokemon Comics, Webcomic, Pokemon, Comic Artist, A Comics

Comics are quite a common sight here on Bored Panda as different authors with different kinds of content are featured fairly frequently. Some webcomics have been running for a long time, but new ones are always popping up with fresh and unseen ideas. This series called "Colmscomics" is exactly that - a fresh breath of air. The artist behind the comics likes to keep his humor dark at times and the cartoons often have unexpected endings with twists.

Kasia Bush