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Make your gifts extra special with creative and stylish fabric wrapping ideas. Discover unique ways to wrap presents using different fabrics and add a touch of elegance to your gift-giving.

There has been a baby boom at my son’s preschool lately. A total of 4 families has welcomed or will welcome new additions to their families. One of my son’s good friend will soon becom…

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Did your parents have shelves lined with thick photo albums full of family memories like mine? These days, our pictures often just end up taking space on our phones or sitting in files on our desktops. What’s the fun in that? Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to save, store, and share my […]

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Furoshiki fabric gift wrapping is an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste produced during the holiday season (and all year long)! We fell in love with this method of wrapping gifts in fabric…

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