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Explore a collection of mouthwatering everyday Italian recipes that will transport you to the streets of Italy. Discover new flavors and try these easy-to-make dishes for your next meal.
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One of the questions we often get asked is “How can I speak Italian like a native?” In addition to obvious methods such as improving your pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, the best way to learn how to sound like a native Italian speaker is to focus on learning specific words and expressions to add that ... Read more

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Most people have encountered the Italian word grazie (“thank you”) at some point in their lifetime, even if they have no interest whatsoever in the language, but the same cannot be said for the standard response prego (“you’re welcome”). So for anyone visiting Italy for the first time, it might come as a shock just ... Read more

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While many of us are acquainted with the Italian word for "thank you," which is "grazie," there are numerous expressions involving this word that might be unfamiliar. If you're curious to learn more about the various uses and nuances of "grazie" in Italian, we invite you to explore our comprehensive article on Daily Italian Words!

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