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Discover a wide range of envelope sizes to suit your mailing needs. From standard sizes to custom options, find the perfect envelope for every occasion and make a lasting impression.
Envelope size chart infographic provided as a quick reference guide for finding envelope sizes for your printed projects. Cartonnage, Envelope Size Chart, Envelope Carta, Envelope Diy, Chart Infographic, Envelope Punch Board, Card Making Tips, Envelope Art, Punch Board

Envelope Size Chart Quick Guide -

A Handy Guide to Envelope Sizes: Unraveling the Mystery Picture this: you’re planning a spectacular event, and the invitations are almost ready to be sent. All that’s left is finding the perfect envelope to encase your beautifully designed cards. But who knew there were so many envelope sizes to choose from? Fear not, intrepid planner! […]

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How to Make Any-Sized Envelope the Easy Way

There are times I have become so busy with a paper crafting project that it grew and grew and before I knew it I didn't have an envelope the correct size. Problem Solved !!!! Measuring diagonally across your card find how long it is in that direction. Then add one inch more and cut out your paper that size. With the card lying in the center of the cut paper, fold in the sides, bottom and top. Unfold. Trim away the four tiny triangles created by the folds. (See the little notches cut out next…

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