English speaking game

Enhance your English speaking skills with these interactive and entertaining games. Practice conversations, vocabulary, and pronunciation while having a great time. Start playing and improve your language fluency today!

This boardgame is a speaking activity for beginner students who meet for the first time and get to know each other. They have to talk and ask questions about basic and easy topics such as hobbies, family, favourite things, house...I designed it for my adult students but it can be used with teenagers as well. - ESL worksheets

Balochi Angle

Cards speaking game for beginners with the verb to be. Use a deck of cards, student takes a card and answers the corresponding question. If it's right, s/he keeps the card; if it's wrong, the card is discharged. Don't reuse cards if you don't want repeated questions. Fully editable. - ESL worksheets

Sophia Shved
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The series board games should be a funny, playful way to practice vocabulary and grammar orally. The instructions for the teachers are included.If you like this game, you can find more board games here:https://en.islcollective.com/mypage/my-creations?search_key=Board+games&type=printables&option=published&id=5163&grammar=&vocabulary=&materials=&levels=&studentTypes=&skills=&languageExams=&dialect=&functions=&page=1&sorting_type=most_newest&filter_type=filter_all&view_type=list&view_length=12…

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