Elementary geography

Discover the wonders of elementary geography and expand your knowledge about the world around us. Engage in interactive activities and educational resources to make learning geography fun and exciting for kids.
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Geography can be such a delightful and rich subject to teach in homeschool. It can also be overwhelming if you try to do all the things! When I was planning out what I wanted to do for geography in the elementary years, I knew there were three requirements that my plan had to meet: It had to be simple. It had to be relaxed, with lots of time to linger on each continent. It had to be literature-based. I decided we would take our time exploring one continent each semester, beginning with…

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Share Wildflower Ramblings!I am excited to share with you our tools for kindergarten geography today. We use multiple books and hands on items to help my children become aware of our world and where we are located on the map. I have collected many additional tools that may be of interest to you as you...

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