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LM3886 power amplifier with 150W audio output power. Three LM3886 amplifiers are bridged together to achieve 150W. Power supply is +/- 30V. LM3886 amplifier maintains an excellent signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 92dB with a typical low noise floor of 2.0µV. It exhibits extremely low THD+N values of 0.03% at the rated output into the rated load over the audio spectrum, and provides excellent linearity with an IMD (SMPTE) typical rating of 0.004%

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The circuit presented here uses a crystal oscillator and frequency multiplier to generate a highly-stable carrier signal frequency of 96MHz. It can be used to transmit voice or music up to hundred meters. The circuit is built around 9018 transistor, 24MHz crystal, air coil and a few other basic components.

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This is 1 Watt FM amplifier with a good design that can be used to amplify RF signal of low power FM Transmitters in the 88 – 108 MHz band. It is very sensitive if you use good RF power amplifier transistors, trimmers and coils. It has a power amplification factor of 9 to 12 dB (9 to 15 times). At an input power of 0.1W the output will be 1W. You must choose T1 depending on applied voltage. If you have a 12V power supply then use transistors like: 2N4427, KT920A, KT934A, KT904, BLX65…

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Electronic Projects for Beginners: If your wanting to get into electronics and need a place to start this instructable is for you. There are a number of very cheap kits on eBay and Aliexpress that you can get for 2 or 3 dollars which can give you some experience in component identifi…

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Copyright of this circuit belongs to smart kit electronics. In this page we will use this circuit to discuss for improvements and we will introduce some changes based on original schematic. General Description This is a high quality power supply with a continuously variable stabilised output adjustable at any value between 0 and 30VDC. TheRead More

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INTELLIGENT & FUN SYSTEM FOR BEGINNERS & PROFESSIONALS: Perfect intro to programmable electronic and IoT robotics. Includes a 19 lesson tutorial that will take young boys and girls from amateurs to experts while they play. Our simple to follow guide takes you and your child on a journey from building a simple ‘Hello World!’ program to a complex fully functional smart home with a RFID door switch, motion, Ultrasonic distance detection and more! WIFI PROGRAMMING AND CONTROL: The Internet of…

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