Egg and veggie casserole

Discover mouthwatering egg and veggie casserole recipes to start your day right. Whip up a healthy and flavorful breakfast or brunch with these easy-to-follow ideas.
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This Make Ahead Veggie Egg Bake is loaded with shredded potatoes, and tons of veggies. Not only is it super simple to make, but it is easily customizable. Whether you want to add a meat such as turkey bacon, add extra cheese, or switch up the veggies, the options are endless!

Shannon Steadman
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My husband and I hosted Easter brunch at our home this year. One of the dishes I made was this Egg, Cheese & Veggie Breakfast Casserole. I wanted a 'meatless' egg dish that our son and his girlfriend, who are vegetarians, could enjoy with the rest of us.So... in addition to our Easter ham, roasted potatoes, fresh asparagus, fruit platter, scones and deviled eggs, I made this breakfast casserole. It tasted fantastic... which was a GOOD thing, since I tweaked my own recipe for Ham n' Cheese…

Lois Sneden