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Step back in time with our collection of Edwardian day dresses. Find the perfect dress to create a timeless and elegant look that will make you feel like a true lady of the era.
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April is a time when we remember one of the most tragic events during the Edwardian era, the sinking of the Titanic. My local costume society holds an annual Titanic Tea to remember the day, the passengers, and wear the clothing of the year 1912. It is one of the first costume events of the

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The 1900s, known as both the Edwardian era and La Belle Époque was a beautiful era for dresses. The invention of the "health corset," later called the S-blend corset, altered the shape of women's 1900s dresses from flat and vertical to curvy. The bust was thrust forward, the back curved inward, and the hips rounded.

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The Edwardian era saw the rise of ready-to-wear clothes, was the height of the Belle Époque, and saw the influence on fashion of the suffragettes and dress reform reach its conclusion. As the Edwar…

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