Easy cleaning schedule

Keep your home clean and organized with an easy cleaning schedule. Discover simple tips and tricks to maintain a spotless living space effortlessly.
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Want a simple cleaning schedule to keep your home clean without being overwhelming? In this blog post I share my daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule that will help you create an easy and realistic cleaning schedule to help maintain a clean home.

Kimmy Johnson
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This printable cleaning schedule is very comprehensive! It contains daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists, but is designed to be easy to manage, not overwhelming. To keep your house tidy without spending tons of time and energy, read my tips on how to keep your home clean with a printable cleaning schedule!

Tasia Cumming
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I feel the need to add a bit of disclaimer to this post....I am a new mom. I don't know what I'm doing. I am also a bit OCD by nature and like a good list. They keep me line. They help me know what the end goal is. I don't want to portray that I am perfect, especially as a mom. I mess up. A lot. I also don't want to portray that my house is perfect at all times of the day, no matter what. There's spit up in places I don't care to think about. There's a couch that probably has a small colony…

Hermie Baker