East village

Experience the lively atmosphere of East Village. Find top attractions, trendy restaurants, and unique shops in this vibrant neighborhood. Plan your visit now!
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NYC East Village Guide The East Village of New York City is one of the neighborhoods of Manhattan that really does feel like a village. The buildings are shorter and older, and the hustle and bustle of midtown is left behind for a quieter, more tranquil type of atmosphere. The people feel closer, you’ll see groups of children walking on their way to school or the park, and overall, it’s just one of the best places to live in Manhattan. But just because it’s more residential doesn’t mean that…

Janin Baggett
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It’s nice to see more than just the top tourist spots and the best rated restaurants. In the past, I’ve rushed through Central Park, up to the Empire State Building, through Times Square and around the Statue of Liberty and I’ve always felt lukewarm about New York City but I did things differently t

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