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Duck Tape

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Duck Tape Flower Pens

I love giving and receiving really useful gifts. In my mind, nothing is more useful than a pen, especially one that is pretty and writes well. Instead of giving just an ordinary pen, kids can spruce it up a bit with some duck tape flair. There duck tape flowers look very impressive and are incredibly easy. First, I select a color of duck tape and tear off square pieces. I find they don't have to be exact squares, just close. Next, I fold one of the corners of the square in so that it appears to make a large 'L'

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HOME Archives

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have this thing with notebooks. I love them, I use them and I have

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Make DIY Bracelets for Kids with Duck Tape

These DIY bracelets made with Duck Tape are SO easy! Make these braided bracelets as a fun kids' craft idea. Teens and tweens will love them.

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Duck Tape Crafts (and our Duck Tape Party) - Lovebugs and Postcards

15 fun and easy Duck Tape Crafts for Girls, Boys, and even the young at heart. You will love these creative and useful Duck Tape Crafts!

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How to Make a Duck Tape Change Purse, A Tutorial

At the last Multiples Club meeting, we made change purses out of duck tape, which was easy and fun. There were some boys of the age range of 6-9 there, and they totally got into it too, so this craft is kid-friendly. The only supplies you need is at least one roll of duck tape (I got mine at Walmart), some sharp scissors, and a ruler. First, measure out your duck tape. You will need to decide if you want to do a multi-colored purse or solid. For my example, I'll be doing dual colored. Measure out 4 pieces of tape 7 inches long. Measure out 1 piece of tape 9 inches long - this will be the color you want the outside to be. Lay down one color sticky side up, and cross it (as close to the middle as possible) with the other color piece. Now put the same color down. Flip it over and put the same color down on back. Fold the side up so that it is the color you want on the outside. Don't worry if you have some uneven edges. Start wrapping your 9 inch piece around the outside. I start slowly with one side. You want to try to do this with no gaps in the sides, so that it is tight. Once it is all wrapped, it'll look like this, and you'll trim off the edges. So then your box is nice and even: Now you will go around and fold down each corner. Make sure you go the same direction on each side. When you fold, stick your finger inside the box and work the inside well, so your creasing will be strong. Once you get all your creases made, start twisting the top of the box, so that it will collapse on the creases. And twisting a little more: Ta da! Now place it under a heavy book for about a week, so it'll set. There are all sorts of fun combinations, and you can get many different colors of duck tape at craft stores. These would be great for the pool, as you could tuck in a couple of dollars or some change, and the duck tape is impervious to water. Don't want to make your own, but still want one? I'll be happy to send one to the first 3 readers who comment, saying they'd like one.

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How to Make Duck Tape ® String Flowers - Hobbycraft Blog

Duck Tape ® is a brilliantly versatile crafting item! Allow your imagination to run riot with the huge Duck Tape ® range available online and in store at Hobbycraft. Take a look at the project below, that shows you how to make easy floral decorations using a range of tapes. Which patterns would you choose?

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How to Make a Duck Tape Pencil Case

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. It's here! First day of school. Kaley, my oldest, is heading to kindergarten in the coming days. She's so excited she's asked to wear her backpack of school supplies around the house almost every day this week. I've resorted to hiding them for fear there will be no glue sticks left. We bought the supplies a few weeks ago on a special "big girl" trip to Walmart. She was so happy to fight her way through the frenzie of kids swarming the #2 pencils... validation that she's finally one of the big kids. To send her off in style, we came up with a quick craft. After all, she'd need someplace to keep all those pencils. So,this is how to make Duck Tape® pencil case. Since we were already at Walmart, we picked up all of our Duck Tape® there. It's cheap and they have 5 million options. Seriously, had no idea how far they had evolved from the grey stuff my dad had in the garage when I was a kid. Supplies: Duck Tape® - As many rolls and colors as you'd like (you'll need at least one roll of the small size for the edges) Fabric scrap - About 10" x 10" Velcro dots - or anything you'd like to use to close your case Scissors Ruler ​ Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric 10" x about 10". I just measured the 10" one direction, then made sure it was wide enough to fit a pencil the other direction. Step 2: Stick your Duck Tape® to the wrong side of the fabric. Go crazy with the pattern. It's up to you. Keep sticking until the fabric is covered and smooth out the bubbles. Step 3: Flip over your fabric and trim the tape. This is what you should have now. Step 4: Fold your fabric up about 4" so the Duck Tape® faces out. This will give you a 4" pencil case with a 2" flap to close it. Step 5: Tape the sides using Ducklings (yes, that's what they are called... how cute is that?!) or smaller size roll of tape. When you get to the flap, just cut a tiny slit to make it fold over neatly. Step 6: Box your corners. To make the case look a little more like a case, and less like an envelope, I smooshed my bottom corners in with my scissors like this. Then I pulled from the inside and flatted from the outside, until they looked neat and even. Step 7: Finish taping the rest of the raw edges and the two side seams on the inside. Step 8: Add a closure and you're done. I didn't trust that the velcro would stay stuck so I put a few stiches in. I also glued a button to the front for decoration. It turned out so cute and was so easy... it kind of looks like a little clutch purse. Oh, la la. Won't she be fancy in kindergarten? Love that I can just cut the Duck Tape® and not have to worry about anything fraying like with sewing. Makes it really simple. Duck Tape® projects are really good for kids too... almost no mess. We also jazzed up some of her notebooks in about 3 seconds with the leftover tape. Extremely simple and now she'll be able to tell her notebooks apart from the rest of the class. Love that. So there's still time! Go buy Duck Tape at Walmart and whip something up. If you want more ideas, follow @theduckbrand on Twitter or /ducktape on facebook. Happy first day of school!

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20 Awesome DIY Duck Tape Projects

Have leftover duck tape? Check out 20 Awesome DIY Duck Tape Projects that will bring out your creative side and some great projects in the process.

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These Duck Tape bookmarks are a really fun, easy, and low mess craft to do with your kids! They'll love making their bookmarks their very own!

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