Dramatic hair

Transform your look with these dramatic hair ideas that will make a bold statement. Find inspiration for unique hairstyles that will turn heads wherever you go.
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Meet Laetitia Ky The Artist Who Has A Hair With A Life Of Its Own

We all know the feeling of going to bed with wet hair and waking up with something that belongs in the unconventional contemporary art collection. And although it might look fun, we spend time and effort to get rid of that unique artwork before we go out in public. Ivorian artist and fashion designer Laetitia Ky does completely the opposite – she takes hair art to another level and embraces it like no one else.

Paula de Abreu
Instead Of Dyeing Hair, This Hairdresser Prints On It; Here Is His Beautiful "La Favorite" Collection Editorial Bob Hair, Editorial Bob Hairstyles, Fun Hair Accessories, Short Editorial Hair, Editorial Hair Color, High Fashion Haircut, Hair Show Ideas, Abstract Hairstyles, Pinned Up Hairstyles

Instead Of Dyeing Hair, This Hairdresser Prints On It; Here Is His Beautiful “La Favorite” Collection

Spanish stylist and contemporary hairdresser Alexis Ferrer has been known for creating otherworldly hairstyles during his career of over 20 years, but he has changed the fashion trends with his innovative technique of vibrant photographic printing on human hair.

Natalie Ralston