Dragon mouth

Unleash the power of creativity with these epic dragon mouth ideas. From intricate designs to fiery accents, discover how to bring a touch of fantasy to your space.
What If the Grim Reaper never showed a good side of him? What if the … #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Drawing Techniques, Croquis, Dragons, Dragon Anatomy, Dragon Sketch, Dragon Drawing, Dragon Drawings, Dragon Art, Creature Design

What If the Grim Reaper never showed a good side of him? What if the student of the Magic Academy, Louise never summoned him by accident? In this story, A man named Roman Torchwick has fallen after his death in his own home world... And after years of Serving the Dead King... He is granted entrance to the Well of Souls to wish a second life... But when he meets the Soul Consumer... He won't go alone this time. This is a "What If" where you, The Grim Reaper will take over Remnant as you bathe…

Ville Leppis
A Dragon Teapot by Johnson Tsang tea sculpture ceramics Ceramics, Ceramic Art, Artesanato, Ceramica, Statues, Creature Pot, Ceramic Artists, Steel Sculpture, Sculpture Art

Artist Johnson Tsang (previously) has been posting an amazing series of process photos on his blog that demonstrates how he makes many of his bizarre ceramic creations. One piece that really stood out is called a Painful Pot, a functional teapot squeezed by a dragon, its head functioning as the spout. More

Francoise Jayson