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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Dr. Seuss with The Lorax. Join the adventure of the iconic character as you learn important lessons about the environment and the power of nature.
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The Truffula Tree is a species of tree featured in The Lorax. They have yellow or white-and-black striped bark and a large tuft at the tops which can be knitted into a Thneed. This tuft is typically a warm color, commonly red, orange, yellow, pink, or rarely, purple. Truffula trees apparently give off the smell of butterfly milk. The tufts are furry to the touch and apparently "softer than silk." According to the Lorax, it takes ten months for a seed to germinate, ten years to sprout into a…

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About Dr. Seuss Earth Friendly Lorax 52 x 25 inches Serigraph on Eco-Friendly paper Adapted posthumously from the illustration for the 1972 book, The Lorax. Four color adaptations: Lavender, Orange, Salmon and Yellow Dr. Seuss considered The Lorax his favorite book. His volume stands as a lasting tribute to those who speak up for the environment, and to the numerous personal, corporate, and societal strides being made to safeguard our natural world. Shortly before his death in 1991, Ted was…