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Unleash your inner ninja with these fun and easy DIY crafts and activities. Get ready to create your own ninja gear and master the art of stealth with these exciting projects.
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Last year my middle son decided that he wanted to be the white ninja from LEGO Ninjago, and this year he wants to be a black ninja. In order to give him the look he desired, I used duct tape to create a simple no-sew black ninja costume. Didn't it turn out cute? To make the ninja shirt, I took one of my old black shirts and I added red duct tape (see below). Then, I drew a ninja star onto an old cereal box, cut it out, and covered it with grey duct tape. I used hot glue to attach the ninja…

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silent “e” is like a ninja… We finally decided on a costume for Owen and I finished it last night. This was one of those projects that I just couldn’t think about doing anything else until it was done… phew….I feel much better! I followed this tutorial from Sew a Straight Linefor the muscle shirt. I tried just adding layers of quilting batting {instead of the nu-foam because I have

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Ninjas have become a pop culture icon in western society. Shows like Prank Patrol and Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles, along with games like Fruit Ninja serve to cement their popularity. I did some basic research and came across interesting material from historian and author Stephen Turnbull. Essentially, Ninjas were secret agents of feudal Japan. During power struggles of the

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