DIY earrings paper

Learn how to make beautiful and unique earrings using paper with these creative DIY ideas. Discover step-by-step tutorials and unleash your creativity today.
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This summer, Kitty’s go-to earrings are a pair made out of handmade paper. She loves how lightweight they are and that the ornate print goes with everything. It dawned on us that we could raid our scrapbook paper stash and make our own paper earrings in a flash! So we each picked out a piece ... Read More about How To Make Paper Earrings

Margaret Gutierrez
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I used to mat a lot of my art and ended up accumulating a bunch of mat board scraps. I didn't really feel right throwing the smaller pieces away so I kept them in a box for a few years, hoping someday I would find some way to use them. Now, I finally have a project that incorporates my scrap pieces. This is also a great project to use up some cute scrapbook paper. You could also use an empty cereal box instead of mat board. All you need is a thick inner core to give your scrapbook paper some…

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This is an handmade product with original design. They are lightweight yet sturdy and perfect for any occasion, treated with water base sealer to make it water resistant. Uniquely designed which will give a touch of class and color to your outfit. The product is water resistant, but it might get damaged if worn when you are in the pool or under the shower. Custom orders available with NO extra cost - are there other colors you prefer - Just send me a message to further discuss. Every piece…

Jane Brown