Diy cake smash cake

Celebrate your little one's birthday with a fun and unique DIY cake smash cake. Get inspired with our top ideas to create a memorable and adorable cake smash experience.
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How to Make a Naked Cake

(This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.) I’m not sure who first started the trend of naked cakes, but I love them for it! Seriously– you can hardly go wrong with these. I’ve made them several times and I always feel like a cake decorating pro because I always love how […]

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How to Make a DIY Smash Cake

A first birthday smash cake is such a fun way to celebrate 365 days with your baby! I've made 4 DIY smash cakes for my babies and I'm sharing all the details about how to make a smash cake in this post. These smash cake ideas will have you baking up that perfect cake in no time!

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Healthy Smash Cake Recipe

This easy, healthy smash cake recipe is the perfect healthy alternative for baby’s first birthday. Packed with applesauce and topped with a delicious homemade frosting, this healthy smash cake is a wonderful dairy free, gluten free, lower sugar option!

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How to make a smash cake - An easy recipe and tutorial for an adorable first birthday smash cake. Baby's First Birthday, Make A Smash Cake, Photobooth Ideas, Smash Cakes, Baby 1st Birthday, Rocky Road, Girl First Birthday

How to make a smash cake for a first birthday

What do you do when your child's birthday is one day, but the party is another day? I wanted Kate to have a special birthday cake on her actual birthday, even though her party was the following day. You only turn 1 once, right? Since I loved the idea of taking smash cake photos, I decided to figure out how to bake a smash cake, and then to figure out how to have a smash cake photo session at home without it turning into a disaster! The cake and the photo session were inspired by photos from…

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How to Make a Smash Cake

If your baby is turning one year old soon, you'll need a smash cake! You can make 2 tiny homemade cakes that are cute and delicious with this easy recipe for vanilla smash cake.

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20 Healthy Smash Cakes for Your Baby's 1st Birthday

Check out these healthy smash cake ideas for your baby. Customize your baby's smash cake... make an organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, allergy-friendly, or low-sugar birthday cake for your baby

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