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The Airship Captain is in command of the airspaces above the Factory Fortress and it's surroundings. It is their duty to not only track down Skverna abominations around the Fortress, but to represent another Emperor's bully that overseer it's common people. Artist: Elena Danilova

Steampunk, Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Concept Art, Sci Fi Art, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic Art, Robot Concept Art, Fantasy Concept Art

'Welcome to New London' This time I would like to share a bit special artwork with you. With this painting I decided/wanted to support the 'Frostpunk The Boardgame' campaign on Kickstarter, created by awesome people and my friends (who invited me to join this amazing project) from Glass Cannon Unplugged. So, this is not, as usual, my personal work but part of the Frostpunk universe and offial poster of the KS campaign. I hope you will like it! :) This painting will be available for…

Big Smoke

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