Design fails

Explore a collection of hilarious design fails that will leave you in stitches. Discover how these epic fails can teach us valuable lessons about good design.
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"Crappy Design" (previously here, here, and here) is back, and it's the crappiest pile of crap that has ever been crapped. Alright, maybe that was a little harsh, but after you take a look at some of these "accidents," you'll definitely wonder how on earth can anyone greenlight and produce them. Putting the light switch right next to the fire alarm control? Yep. Designing a toilet that looks like it has just endured a large dose of diarrhoea? You bet. Scroll down to check out some of the…

Adam Miller
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Design seems like such a simple, elementary thing when you think about it, but hordes of people keep getting the basics wrong, often with hilarious and side-splitting results. Buildings are hard to design, as are other objects, but we usually take the lettering and layout of sentences and phrases for granted, as though everyone will be able to understand us no matter

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Absurd humor is quite amazing. Comedy in general is all about subverting expectations, but absurd humor takes it to the next level. It’s random, unexpected and, often, brilliant. Not necessarily sophisticated, but certainly intriguing and makes you question things.