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Discover the secrets of Demon Souls and master the art of combat. Explore top strategies and tips to conquer the challenges and emerge victorious in this epic adventure.
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I was responsible for the creation of the massive Old One. This was the largest skinned object in the game. It was quite a challenge. Special thanks to everyone on the Bluepoint Team: Justin Wagner - Lead Material Artist and Asset/World Builder Christian de los Santos - Environment Lead Michael Kahn-Rose - Lead Lighting Artist Adam Rehmann - Concept Artist Phu Giang - Concept Artist Willow Hermoso - Prop Artist

Luana Mesquita
"Demon's Souls - The Nexus" by Alexis Boyer Painting, Ideas, Art, Concept Art, Software, Video Game, Doodles, Games, Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls - Nexus I was responsible for asset creation and world building parts of Nexus along side Justin Wagner and Matthew Via. Areas of focus were the well, stairs, and area around the archstones, the rotunda and stairs to the monumentals, the floor of the monumentals and the upper pantheon area where the leaderboards are located. The team working on this area worked very hard to maintain as much of the original feel of Demon's Souls as possible while bringing it to a modern era…

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It was an absolute pleasure working with Bluepoint on this as someone who is apart of the souls mod making community as an artist and a longtime fan of the game, having bought a PS3 just to play this years ago. Bluepoint did a really awesome job of bringing The Penetrator to life, the animations, sounds and effects are all incredible. As the 3D artist, I had to execute the concept, doing the high poly, low poly and texturing, but also evolving the concept in build to work best in 3D as…

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