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How to keep deer out of the garden. From barricades to scare tactics to chase deer away from your garden. Here's what works and what doesn't when trying to keep your garden safe from deer.

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Keep pesky deer (and other animals) away from your yard with this fantastic (and all natural) DIY deer repellent spray. This deer repellent is also safe and won't hurt these friendly pests.

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This homemade deer repellent recipe that keeps them away is a frugal liquid mixture that helps guard precious flowers, vegetables, herbs and even fruit. People who live near wooded areas even if it is close to population centers have probably been visited more than once by one or more deer.…

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To deter deer from your garden, use natural deterrents like garlic, soap, or human hair. Plant deer-resistant species such as daffodils, lavender, or sage. Are there specific plants that naturally repel deer that you can incorporate into your garden? For more tips on protecting your garden from deer, visit our website.

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Easy Deer Repellent: Do you have a lot of problems with the deer eating all of the plants you worked hard on to grow? Well this super easy deer repellent with allow your plants to grow without the deer bothering them!!! BEWARE THE REPELLENT SMELLS REALLY BAD!!!

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