Deer hind quarter recipes

Elevate your game night with these mouthwatering deer hind quarter recipes. From savory roasts to flavorful stews, discover the perfect dishes to impress your friends and family.
How to Cook Roasted Leg of Venison | Field & Stream Meat Recipes, Grilling, Camping, People, How To Cook Venison, Deer Leg Recipe, Venison, Venison Recipes, Roast Recipes

Here's one for your inner caveman: a whole roasted venison leg, just like Fred Flintstone would've cooked it. This is game cookery at its most primal and dramatic, and the results are a showpiece—which is good, as you'll need a crowd to help you eat it. Because the meat is only mildly doctored—with a classic wet rub of olive oil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, and juniper berries—and cooked in an unforgiving manner, the key to success here is a prime hunk of meat ideally from a younger deer, field…

Roy Arnold