Deer chops recipe

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How to Cook Venison Chops | No Marinade Needed

Venison chops are delicious cuts sourced from the loin meat running next to the spine. Cooking the perfect venison chops couldn't be more simple. And they are incredibly delivious 🤤

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BBQ deer chops in a slow cooker

Some of you out there have deer meat in your freezer....and you may be wondering what to make with it. Well, I have a fantastic recipe for you! We like deer meat once in a while at our house...well, all of us but youngest son. He says to me "Mom, I will eat a cow, but I will not eat a deer." And to that, I say "okay." So...we have a friend that hunts and he was kind enough to share his game! We were gifted 3 packages each of: chops, steaks and ground meat. Scouring the internet I…

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