Data boards

Explore innovative ways to visualize data with these unique data board ideas. Enhance your presentations and make information more engaging with these creative solutions.
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It seems like one of the big buzz words in education right now is DATA. The four letter word has had a lot of impact in the educational community recently. In my classroom, I use data in many ways. It tracks student growth and progress, drives my instruction, helps me individualize learning experiences, and simplifies...Read More

Dawn Snell
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How to Think Visually Using Visual Analogies infographic from Anna Vital gives a great variety of examples for anyone to use when you create your own graphics. It begins with the most recognizable visuals, circle graphs and diagrams. Further down are abstract analogies. They are

Aaron Pulley
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Data walls are meant to be interactive – not just decoration. Teachers need to be involved in the process in order to fully claim ownership for the results and the strategies being implemented. Having set days to change the data are imperative as well as having data discussions planned. In my experience working with a...Read More

Emily Sanders