Dark brown eyes

Discover makeup techniques and products that will enhance the beauty of your dark brown eyes. Get inspired with top ideas to create stunning eye makeup looks for any occasion.
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Lighten Your Eyes 👀

Lighten Your Eyes 👀1. Use distilled water. 2. Heat distilled water luke - warm/mild warm. Mix the raw-beech honeydew honey into the distilled water after heating it. Ratio of 1:1.5 honey to distilled water. 3. Put it into your dropper. 4. Put 1-3 drops several times a day on each eye. It will sting for a few seconds this is completely normal. 5. Store in a cool-dark place away from sun-light.http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=155885143I've personally tried this recipe and…

Laurene Stagliano