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Discover a collection of mouthwatering Danish cake recipes that will satisfy your sweet cravings. Try these delightful treats and experience a taste of Denmark in your own kitchen.
A traditional treat from Denmark! Drømmekage or Danish Dream Cake is a delicious, soft cake with coconut caramel on top. Don't think its cloyingly sweet -- nope. Every bite has the right balance of sweetness from the cake and the topping. Try it for your next coffee break! Danish Dessert Recipes Denmark, Coconut Coffee Cake Recipes, Pie, Essen, Danish Dream Cake (drømmekage), Danish Dream Cake Milk Street, Danish Cream Cake, Danish Dream Cake 12 Tomatoes, Scandinavian Dessert Recipes

Drømmekage, or Danish Dream Cake, is a delicious, soft cake with coconut caramel topping --- a traditional treat from Denmark! Every bite has the right balance of sweetness, softness, and crunch. Try it for your next coffee break!

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Kransekage Danish Wedding, Danish Cake, Sweet Champagne, Jul Mad, Danish Christmas, Norwegian Food, Scandinavian Food, Wedding Cake Recipe, Danish Food

Kransekage is a traditional cake served at New Year's Eve at midnight with champagne, at weddings (back in the days) or at special occasions. I like kransekage with a sweet champagne, because the sweetness of the cake makes the champagne very sour. Served with coffee it is actually perfect

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Hindbærsnitte. Braided Nutella Bread, Danish Cake, Danish Dessert, Denmark Food, Danish Cuisine, Nutella Bread, Raspberry Bars, Danish Pastry, Scandinavian Food

Hindbærsnitter or 'raspberry bars' is a cake made of a shortcrust pastry, like the one you will use for a pie crust. Between the two layers of pastry there's a filling of a good raspberry jam. The cake is topped with an icing and colorful sprinkles. You'll find hindbærsnitter in almost every bakery

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To Food with Love: Danish Dream Cake (Drømmekage) Danish Dream Cake, Danish Cake, Danish Dessert, Danish Cuisine, Vegan Snack Recipes, Scandinavian Food, Danish Food, Dream Cake, Food Cakes

I made this cake for the first time as part of the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea fund-raising event at work. It's rather stressful cooking or baking for other people whom you know are going to judge you and your food. I tried to think of what cake would appeal to most people, and the magic ingredient is *drumroll*.... coconut! Australians love coconut (the shredded type) which is probably why lamingtons are so...Aussie.. though not as Aussie as Tim Tams and Vegemite. Coconut is also widely…

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