Dancing baby

Watch cute and funny dancing baby videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Join the fun and enjoy the adorable moves of these little dancers.
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Kaylan Thoen cannot stop laughing at her baby girl when she dances. When the music comes on, the show begins. Her baby is a star in the making. Her daughter will shake her hips and twist side to side when dancing. She will even have a pacifier in her mouth, and she looks adorable in

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At her ballet recital, Rianna took the liberty of creative freedom. During the three dances her group of 6 girls performed, she added her own flair and personality. After a brief intro dance, where Rianna danced perfectly alongside the other 5 girls, she started diving into her own dance. With an extra spin and a

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Irish dancer Emma O’Sullivan was performing a dance for an audience on the streets of Galway, Ireland. What she noticed right away was a little girl dancing along with her mimicking every step. #dance #IrishDancing #dancing #dancers #Riverdance via @madlyoddcom Humour, Cleaning Showers, Funny Dances, Real Ghost Photos, Airstream Bambi, Funny Dance Moves, Irish Step Dancing, Funny Baby Faces, Bachata Dance

Ireland’s Emma O’Sullivan put on a show for an audience in Galway. But one little girl stole the show by mimicking the dance champion’s every move. Emma O’Sullivan is an Irish dancing champion that loves putting on a show for tourists and locals. Her dance moves have mesmerized and captivated audiences the world over. But

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