Discover a collection of mouthwatering curry recipes that will add a burst of flavor to your meals. Try these easy-to-make dishes and satisfy your cravings with a touch of spice.
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Flavourful easy Indian Beef Curry recipe cooked in onion and tomato base curry sauce, infused with a blend of classic Indian spices. Create the best tender beef curry that brings both warmth and traditional home-cooking flavour to your plate. Perfect with a bowl of fluffy basmati rice or plain naan. In contrast to Chinese beef...Read On →

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Recipe video above. Forget skewers - THIS is how you get a satay fix! This Malaysian Chicken Satay Curry features chicken marinated in a homemade satay seasoning, simmered in a heady peanut satay sauce that's coconuty and heavily seasoned. Truly restaurant quality. Yet -simple. No hunting down unsual ingredients!Spice level: Pretty warm buzz but not that spicy. If concerned, read note 1 & 3 for how to play it safe with the chilli!Adapted from a Satay recipe by a Malaysian chef and the Satay…

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This Chicken Katsu Curry is a copycat version of one I had on my trip to Hawaii. The combination of crispy chicken, Japanese curry, and warm rice is so comforting, and I guarantee it will be one of the best bites of your life.

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