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I hate cheesy puns in titles, and alliteration. The tides of trend are strong. Announcing a small outbreak of Crevice Gardens in Denver. I think Mike Kintgen said he's put in five at Denver botanic Gardens to date (not just this year). It's a better way of growing plants. (The Big Crevice Garden at the Entry to Denver Botanic's Rock Alpine Garden, in its second season, thriving. It makes a pretty solid arguement for Crevice Gardens. (Crevice Trough by Mike Kintgen for Anita Cox) A crevice…

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It is hard for me to believe that in little more than a week and a few days I'll be winging off to Europe once again, this time to speak at an international rock garden conference near Prague. A centerpiece of that conference will be visits to a bevy of Czech private gardens, all of which (I suspect) will be composed primarily of crevice rock work. The enthusiasm for crevice gardening has spread far beyond the Czech republic--largely through the efforts of the indefatigable and utterly…

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As taught by Kenton The raw materials: Rocks I like to find rocks that were once whole and which broke naturally so that they fit together like a puzzle. That being rather restricting, any flat slabs will work: Plants Use xeric plants that will stay pretty small: cacti, succulents, sedums, desert natives. Aesthetically, it's nice to include a variety of textures, colors and growth habits (mounding, trailing, shrubby, etc.) Soil Use a free draining mix of equal parts sand, peat and perlite…