Corrugated metal roof patio cover

Transform your outdoor space with a stylish and durable corrugated metal roof patio cover. Explore top ideas to create a functional and stylish patio area that provides shade and protection from the elements.
Building A Covered Patio With a 30ft Span! Garages, Exterior, Back Garden Landscaping, Pergolas, Backyard Covered Patios, Patio Plans, Backyard Patio Designs, Covered Patio Design, Backyard Patio

So let’s start from the beginning with the design. My husband wanted the biggest deepest patio we could get with unobstructed views. Our current patio was 30’ long and that length was good so that we didn’t cover the windows to two of our bedrooms. Our house is already on the darker side and we wanted to keep as much natural light inside as possible. So we knew 30’ long, but how were we going to that big of a span without posts in the middle? I didn’t think it was possible, but my husband…