Cornbread fritters easy

Learn how to make mouthwatering cornbread fritters in a few simple steps. Try this easy recipe and enjoy a crispy and flavorful snack that everyone will love.
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Easy old-fashioned, southern Hoe Cakes or fried cornbread are versatile little yellow miracles of crispy, warm corn cake deliciousness! Hoe cakes are considered a southern quick bread or flatbread and can be served any time of day straight out of the cast-iron skillet.

Julie Fitzsimmons
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Since we're a single income family, we rarely go out to eat. We do make it a point to hit the local breakfast buffet once or twice a year, but once we're home, I always feel regret about spending so much money for breakfast foods. One of my favorite items from the breakfast buffet is Corn Fritters. It's probably the only thing from the entire buffet that we don't already make at home. Knowing it will be a while before I'm tempted to spend the money to visit the all-you-can-eat buffet again…

Bonnie Stancell