Cool dirt bike plastics

Transform the look of your dirt bike with cool and stylish plastics. Discover top ideas to give your bike a unique and personalized appearance that stands out on the track.
How to Restore Dirt Bike Plastics (Removing Oxidation) Cleaning, Dirt Bike Plastic, Fix It, To Remove, Dirt Bikes, Gas Tanks, Dirt Bike, Oxidation, Restore

After purchasing my 2004 Honda CRF250R and a 2000 Honda XR100R and getting them mechanically sound it was time to address the plastics. The XR had severe oxidation on the gas tank and fenders, but I wanted to tackle the CRFs fenders also.It should be noted there are thousands of opinions and ways to do this and the method I picked seemed to work the best for me but may not work the best for everyone else. There is a lot of info out there, but the one similarity that keep coming up was that…