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Discover a diverse collection of conceptual paintings that challenge traditional notions of art. Add depth and meaning to your art collection with these thought-provoking works of art.
Subjects Undertake Futile Pursuits in Satirical Paintings by Artist Toni Hamel | Colossal Instagram, Art, Models, Contemporary Art, Hamel, Artist, Artist Models, Inge Look, American Art

Based in Oshawa, a suburb of Toronto, artist Toni Hamel (previously) is concerned with human morality—or lack thereof. In her subtly hued artworks, Hamel portrays subjects in the midst of futile and trivial pursuits: children pluck stars from the night sky, a couple attempts to reconstruct a flower after its petals have fallen, and a young family literally watches wet paint dry. Many of the satirical pieces consider socially accepted anthropocentrism and the relationship people have with the…

Terri Johnson
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This page has a selection of my self promotional, conceptual illustration work that wasn't commissioned. My illustrative style can reflect the many kinds of publication. Whether it's finance, business, lifestyle or medical, my work can adapt to depending on requirement.