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Discover innovative composting toilet ideas that are perfect for eco-friendly homes. Upgrade your bathroom and contribute to a sustainable future with these top composting toilet designs.
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Why We Chose an Air Head Composting Toilet — Otherworld Travels

The day has finally come…our composting toilet is here! Though we knew we’d likely switch to a composting toilet when we bought Rhiannon, we didn’t actually plan for it at the time. It was later we realized that our bathroom was way too small, and we'd have to buy a different RV to make our compos

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All about RV Toilets! | Mavis the Airstream Compost Toilet Diy, Compostable Toilet, Diy Composting Toilet, Compost Toilet, Off Grid Homestead, Composting Toilets, Outdoor Toilet, Composting Toilet, Cob House

All about RV Toilets! | Mavis the Airstream

It’s come time to select a toilet for our new build. In our first Mavis, we installed a regular black water toilet. We loved it and had no real problems with it. It never smelled, it never leaked, it never did anything except what it was supposed to do. The most we ever lasted without ... Read more

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DIY Composting Toilet in a Tiny House!

The Petersen family has been using composting toilets for several years now. They started out in a renovated airstream with a composting toilet/all-in-one method, and upgraded to a diverter composting toilet in their 5th wheel. Their composting toilet was the inspiration and first prototype for what would be the THRONE composting toilet products later on. […]

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