Commuter bicycle

Make your daily commute a breeze with the best commuter bicycles. Find the perfect bike that combines comfort, style, and functionality for a smooth and enjoyable ride.
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The bicycle or bike is a human-powered vehicle with two wheels arranged in a tandem arrangement. It is propelled by pedaling, and the rider sits on a saddle while controlling the front wheel with handlebars. People use bicycles for transportation, exercise, and leisure, and they also use them for commuting. In a variety of sports, including road racing and mountain biking, bicycles are used.

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For the past few years, NAHBS has been covered quite extensively here on the site but going into the show this year, I felt like I needed a change, so leading up to the event I had already mentally planned on covering it a bit differently, I just didn't know how. When the show opened yesterday, I quickly found that covering it in a different manner wasn't just an option, it was mandatory. My usual methodology of shooting and documenting bikes was not going to work. The show in Sacramento…

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Frame :*RIVENDELL* all-rounder Handle :*NITTO* new all road bar Stem :*NITTO* Brake :*DIA-COMPE* DC980 retro canti brake Brake lever: Front wheel :*VELOCITY* atlas rim × *SON NABENDYNAMO* SON delux Shifter :*RIVENDELL* S-2 bar end BB:*PHILWOOD* Pedal :*MKS* gamma Saddle :*BROOKS* colt Seat post:*NITTO* S65 Bar tape:*BLUE LUG*cotton cloth bar tape Head light:*SON NABENDYNAMO* Edelux II